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St. Peter’s International School has a total area of 2400m2, which is dedicated to the practice of sports and physical activity, as well as a significant set of complementary activities, allowing students to try an array of activities.

Currently, St. Peter’s International School has various areas and infrastructures that are used for regular physical activity, as well as complementary curricular activities.

St. Peter’s International School has a multi-purpose covered sports field with around 500 seats and an area of 1250m2, physical education classes for all teaching levels often take place, as well as complementary activities.

This outdoor facility is the site for Physical Education classes and complementary curricular activities, such as Basketball, Volleyball, Figure Skating, Futsal, Tennis, among other sports activities.

This sports area also includes two rooms, for the practice of Judo, Fencing, Savate (French boxing), Gymnastics, Dance, among others, as well as for Physical Education and Child Motricity classes.


St. Peter’s International School also has two outdoor tennis courts, a Basketball court, three five-a-side football fields with synthetic grass, a seven-a-sided football field, a 375m2 Rugby field and two soccer fields, all of which with synthetic turf.

In the Kindergarten / Nursery School Building, there are two outdoor spaces and two indoor spaces for the practice of Physical Education and Child Motricity classes of 450m2. These spaces are used carry out activities that complement the curriculum, such as Judo, Tennis, Classical Ballet, Contemporary Dance, among others.

One of the school buildings has four rooms / studios for complementary activities, such as Classical Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Theater / Drama, Yoga, Zumba, Hip Hop, the Inventors, Piano, Accordion, Drums, Singing, Flute, Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar, Saxophone, Violin, Ukulele, among others.





Isabel Simão




– Total area of the rubgy field: 2400m2

– Total area of the tennis courts: 975m2

– Total area of the multi-purpose pavillion: 1250 m2

– Total area of the football field adjacent to the tennis courts: 105 m2

– Total area of the football field adjacent to the rugby field: 375m2

– Total area of the football field adjacent to the Primary School playground: 450 m2


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