The School

Isabel Simão Library

Seen as one of the cornerstones of the school, the Isabel Simão Library is an educational centre and integrator of multiple literacies. 

Playing an increasingly decisive role in the education of those who use it, formally or informally, this cultural centre allows students to use their skills. In other words, it is the materialization of our motto “Fons Sapientiae”. 

And, in a more than just tribute to one of the mentors of the St. Peter’s International School project, the Isabel Simão Library personifies, in itself, its humanist design in the education of our students, inciting them to multiple and crucial strategies for their academic success, personal performance and professional future.

Furthermore, being a place of intersections and collaboration for the development of literacy, its mission enables all members of the educational community to become more capable, more aware, more critical and more involved individuals in the construction of society, that is, true users of information in all media and means of communication.

Furthermore, as one of the complements in the support of knowledge and an ally to the teaching activity, the Isabel Simão Library offers access to a number of resources: both physical and digital. On the other hand, it is also an independent space for learning and developing fun activities.

Finally, as purpose is not limited to its physical space, the Isabel Simão Library extends to other areas through numerous educational and cultural activities, thematic meetings with authors, exhibitions and sharing of different knowledge through its clubs.









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