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Headmaster and CEO Message

Armando Simão | Headmaster and CEO

To the entire educational community, students, teachers, staff, parents and guardians,

As Administrator of St. Peter’s International School, I have the honour of participating in this project, which was born in 1993, with the aim of making a difference in the field of education and teaching. It was, from the beginning, a project created with a lot of work and resilience, but the most important thing for us was to create a humanist school that would make a difference in the Portuguese context. Our school today has an extensive, highly qualified educational team, and facilities and buildings in permanent improvement, so that everyone in our community sees our school as an extension of their homes. 

Today we have the physical structures that provide our students with excellent quality and over the years we have always worked improve our conditions, from small enhancements to larger projects such as the construction of new buildings and reorganization of leisure areas.  Today we may no longer be that small community that began in 1993, but despite our undeniable growth, I am proud to say that the values that founded our school remain unchanged to this day. Even with our evident growth, we intend to maintain the dynamics of proximity and the warmth of the word friend, which should not be extinct and remain in our community as a constant. Thus, here, we all walk together so that the path can be made successfully and the goals achieved.

Today, one of our challenges is to equip students with humanistic values and yet prepare them for a global and highly competitive world. In this way, in our educational community, values such as resilience, humility, respect, solidarity and a sense of justice are part of our daily life and are transversal to all sections. Thus, we want our students to attend a demanding curriculum, taught by highly qualified teachers, and maintain in its genesis the humanist basis that has always guided this educational project. Our students have always been and will always be our priority and it is to them that we direct our attention. We want to give them a vision that can make them citizens of the world, aware of their priorities, interventional and with the critical spirit necessary for any human being who wants to build a better world.

Here we change lives! Here we grow together!

Come and meet us.

Armando Simão

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