St. Peter’s Internacional School is proud to be recognised as a member of the eco-schools (Eco-Escolas) campaign. Our School was awarded the Green Flag Award due to our efforts in making this institution an example of what it truly means to be environmentally friendly.

The foundantion for Environmental Education ( FEE) is a non-governmental and non-profit organization aiming to promote sustainable development through environmental education (formal School education, training of staff and general awareness raising).

After one year of implementing the programme and reaching a high level of performance in complying with various elements, our School was awarded the green flag. Before receiving the green flag the School must be assessed by means of a visit.

The importance we give to simple yet fundamental gestures such as recycling, the use of nergy saving technology and the fact that we educate our students to learn the value of our planet means that St. Peter’s Internacional School is considered to be an example to our community.

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