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St. Peter’s at Oporto Model United Nations

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From 20th to 22nd of February, students from the International Curriculum from St. Peter’s International School attended a Model United Nations Conference in Oporto. The event consisted of many simulations of some of the UN bodies, such as the Human Rights Council, the Economic and Social Council, the General Assembly, the International Court of Justice and the Security Council. The conference took place at Oporto International School (on the first day) and at Intercontinental – Palácio das Cardosas (on the second and third days).

The experience was very enriching and led to successful debates about, for example, the protection of indigenous peoples and the protection of Amazon´s resources, which purpose was to pass a suitable “resolution”. It helped students to understand the United Nations’ structures and functions and how each one works. It also gave the students hands-on learning in international relations and diplomacy. Moreover, the experience encouraged students to be global thinkers, becoming aware of world-related problems and developing a way to approach life in an open-minded way.


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