St. Peter’s International School has a cafeteria service which includes:morning snack;lunch, including soup, fish, meat or vegetarian dish and dessert (students are allowed to bring their meals from home);afternoon snack, after class (from 4pm onwards).

Parents/Guardians can opt for a full cafeteria service or occasional meals (morning snack, lunch or afternoon snack), provided that they inform the school until 10am on the respective day.

If the student does not have lunch at the school, they will only be allowed out when accompanied by the parent/guardian or designated person responsible.

In Secondary School, the student can leave by himself during this period, provided written authorization by the parent/guardian or newsletter for this purpose is submitted.

Should the student choose to bring food from home, the use of the cafeteria will be charged which includes the use crockery, cutlery and napkins. The parent/guardian is responsible for the meal.

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