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St. Peter’s International School complies strictly with the guidelines issued by the Portuguese Ministry of Education, teaching the official programs of English in Secondary School. However, by focusing on the relevance of foreign language learning, the school introduces the enrichment of English language skills into the curriculum design of the Secondary School by offering extracurricular sessions to prepare for the University of Cambridge language examinations.
Committed to a multidimensional education, St. Peter’s International School works to provide its students with the tools they need to successfully achieve their personal goals in what is an increasingly demanding and competitive world, where English is absolutely decisive for both their academic and professional future. In this sense, St. Peter’s International School prepares its Secondary School students for all levels of Cambridge ESOL: English for Speakers of Other Languages Exams, from First Certificate in English (level B.2)* to Certificate of Proficiency in English (level C2)*.
(*) Based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Foreign Languages
In addition to being recognized as a certified preparation centre with the British Council, we are also an examination centre responsible for taking most of the Cambridge examinations in the Setubal area.

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