Secondary Education - Request for voluntary repetition of the year attended by the student who met the conditions to transition into the following year

Scientific-Humanistic Courses

(regulated by decree-law 139/2012, of 5th July, altered by Decree-Law nr. 91/2013, of 10th July, by Decree-Law 176/2014, of 12th December and by Ordinance nr. 243/2012 of 10th August, retified by the Redtification Declaration nr. 51/2012, of 21st September)

Parent/Legal Guardian's Identification:

Student Identification:

The voluntary repetition of the School Year identified above is due to the intention of achieving an effective acquisition of the contents taught, despite the fact of meeting the necessary conditions for transition into the following year (according to the guidelines of the newsetter in DGE / DSDC / 3/2013).

In addition to the registration renewal in the subjects in which the students did not pass and where approval was not obtained, the students intends to register in the subjects of:

For the purpose of improving results, the new result will only be considered if it is higher than that obtained in the previous academic year.
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