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Summer Course

Learning a language shouldn’t just mean being inside a classroom, learning grammar and vocabulary. Language is all about communication, and what better way to communicate in a foreign language than by being surrounded by its native speakers and their culture. This is why St. Peter’s International School organises Summer Courses to English speaking countries and Germany, for our students from grades 7 to 12.

During the two-week Summer Course, students have language classes during the mornings from Monday to Friday, and a variety of activities and excursions during the afternoons and weekends.

All these experiences allow our students to be completely immersed in the language, giving them the perfect opportunity to develop their linguistic skills and gain even more confidence in their own communicative ability. These courses are certified and very highly regarding, for example, with university applications.

With destinations including London, Oxford, New York, Washington, Berlin and Munich, the St. Peter’s International School Summer Courses will certainly open doors to an international educational experience.


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