Extracurricular Activities

Water Sports Academy

Students: 3 years old and above – Foundation stage (introduction to water and the swimming environment)

Recipients: from 6 years old – Swimming

The importance of swimming is reinforced as an activity that has numerous benefits for our eclectic and harmonious development.

In terms of physical abilities, there is an improvement in mobility coordination and in cardiorespiratory capacity, an increase in muscular endurance and tone, an improvement in the sleep regulation process and even in the child’s ability to develop self-protection mechanisms.

On the level of social relationships, the practice of swimming contributes in a very significant way to the development of the child, be it their self-confidence, self-esteem, respect, cooperation and interaction between peers, thus enhancing success for the child’s academic path.

It should also be noted that swimming classes are taught by teachers from our Physical Education and Sports Department who, in addition to being qualified for such activities, also have a relationship of trust acquired in the Physical Education classes, which contributes to a faster adaptation to the water environment, as well as a greater availability for learning.

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