Extracurricular Activities

Racket Sports Academy

Students: 3 years old and above

Children’s Tennis – “Puzzle Tennis”, which consists of a set of sequential and articulated activities aimed at children from the age of 3 to 5, which promote the learning of various areas through fun and games. Classes combine music, English language, illustrations, puzzle building and play, in an interactive and integrated learning adventure that children will love.

The objective of the sport is to make the ball pass over the net onto the opponent’s field, creating greater difficulties in its return. However, the movements that players perform during the game without possession are as important as having the ball in their domain. They move to attack or defend and at the same time make decisions to solve problems and win the point.

In addition to the technical aspects, Tennis takes into account some values such as respect for the rules, fair play, tolerance, friendship, truth, acceptance of results, persistence, discipline, humility, loyalty and knowing their place.

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