Family Day

It is the most significant event of our annual programme, which traditionally counts on the participation of everyone in our educational community. It is a time when teachers, students and other school staff organise themselves to receive all the families with whom we have the privilege of working throughout the school year.

‘Family Day’ takes place annually, according to the school calendar, to mark the beginning of the school year, foreshadowing work to be developed with students during the three school terms. There are exhibitions related to the different subjects, demonstrations of the extracurricular activities and sports tournaments including the organisation of matches between teachers, students, parents / guardians and former students.

This activity is associated with a theme, which is chosen annually and it is precisely this theme that guides all the preparation of the school to receive families, from Kindergarten (3-year-olds) to our graduates (12th graders).

Family Day 2016-2017 – ‘Super Heroes’

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