25 Years Anniversary

St. Peter’s International School, celebrates its 25th Anniversary on 28th September. The school has become a renowned reference in private education in Portugal, recognised for its high standards in teaching. For the next 25 years, the School Board aims to equip the school with state of the art educational tools in the field of science and technology. With an education based on a humanistic philosophy and an affective and humanistic approach, St. Peter’s International School will continue to educate children to become conscientious citizens, able to face the challenges of the future.

To celebrate this anniversary, D.A.M.A will give a charity concert on the school grounds, starting at 9pm for the entire school community. The proceeds will go in their entirety to the charity CAPITI – Portuguese Association for Child Development, whose objective is to guarantee health services in the area of neurodevelopment for disadvantaged children, thus helping their integration into family, school and social environments.

Throughout the day, St. Peter’s International School will also be celebrating its anniversary with many other activities.

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