Primary School

Internal Assessment

The main guidelines and provisions concerning the assessment in Primary School, namely the connection between assessment and learning process and the expected competences acquired, are based on the present legislation (Decree-Law No 55/2018 of 6 July).

Assessment occurs at the beginning of each school year and whenever a new teaching unit is started, in order to allow the eventual adjustment of the teaching-learning process.

Formative Assessment (the main form of assessment), has a continuous and systematic aspect and aims to regulate teaching and learning, using a variety of tools in order to collect information in accordance with the nature of learning and its contexts. It also has the goal to look at the specificities of each subject or non-subject area.

An assessment of all the student’s work consists of the synthesis of the information collected, on the development of learning and skills defined for each subject area, paying particular attention to the evolution of all these skills. Assessment takes place at the end of each term and school year and is expressed in a qualitative format. The results obtained at the end of each period will be the result of the analysis of the three main areas: learning, execution of tasks and behaviour/attitude.  

It is important to point out the importance of self-assessment for the 3rd and 4th grade students. This allows their active participation in the learning process, as well as their perception of their challenges and progress





Verification Exams


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