Primary School

External Assessment

In accordance with the legislation in effect, external assessment is based on the Standard Profile of Students leaving Compulsory Schooling, taking into account the need to evaluate and integrate disciplinary knowledge, with special emphasis on the areas of competencies listed in the aforementioned document, and also on Standard Learning, as a common curricular denominator.

End of the Year exams
End of the Year exams are intended to measure curriculum development and the student’s learning progress at school and to provide regular information to the education system, schools, students and parents.

Throughout the school year, St. Peter’s prepares the 2nd grade students carefully and thoroughly for these tests, providing them with the essential tools to be fully prepared for the specific contents of each subject and in accordance to the specific test criteria. In the period following the exams, the school provides specific working sessions, aimed at encouraging student motivation and confidence.

Final Equivalency Exams
The 4th grade Final Exams for self-proposed students take place at school. These focus on the essential contents of the programme. They also include an oral test, in the case of Portuguese, Portuguese as a Foreign Language (PLNM) and foreign languages.





Verification Exams


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