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    At St. Peter’s International School, we are very excited about the new school year. In the midst of the changing situation we find ourselves in, our hybrid learning system offers our students the opportunity to choose the option that best suits their needs. We support our students and provide quality education, be it a face-to-face or in virtual environment.

    Our trusted systems and world-class technology enable us to offer uninterrupted learning to all our students – both on-site or online. Our teachers are always ready to support our students, to ensure that they can achieve excellence both inside and outside the classroom.

    All safety and well-being measures have been implemented in our school. We will continue, online or in person, to grow together and be better together.

    Book a personalized visit to meet us so we can tell you about this new system of continuous uninterrupted learning.

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    No Colégio St. Peter’s International School, estamos bastante empolgados com o início de um novo ano letivo. Face à situação de mudança em que nos encontramos, o nosso sistema de ensino híbrido oferece aos nossos alunos a oportunidade de escolher a opção que melhor se adapta às suas necessidades. Continuamos a apoiar os nossos alunos e a oferecer um ensino de qualidade, seja na modalidade presencial ou virtual.

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