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Celebrate Europe Day!
Europe Day celebrates peace and unity and marks the anniversary of the 'Schuman Declaration'.
MAY 9, 2019
Bronze Medal in the Final of the 37th Portuguese Mathematics Olympiads
It is with great pride that the Mathematics Department and School Board congratulate our student, Guilherme Dias
APR 23, 2019
PANGEA - Final Stage
The PANGEA Mathematics Competition takes place in 17 countries, making the motto 'Mathematics Unites' transnational.
APR 22, 2019
Savate Graduation
The SAVATE - French Boxing graduation ceremony took place, organised by the Portuguese Savate Federation.
APR 1, 2019
Happy Birthday Pi!
On 14th March, the world celebrates the anniversary of the number Pi, a number with a multitude of decimals.
MAR 19, 2019
Volleyball - 'Infantis-B' go on to the Final Round!
This is the 4th time in the last 5 years that a volleyball team from this category makes it to the final round of the Local School Sports competition.
MAR 18, 2019
Phillips Academy
St. Peter’s International School played host to the Chamber Orchestra and Chamber Choir of the Phillips Academy
MAR 14, 2019
Amnesty International, an NGO at the service of Human Rights
Citizenship Development included in the theme “Human Rights'
MAR 13, 2019
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