Rankings - St. Peter’s International School – National TOP 10

O Colégio St. Peter´s School assenta numa formação educativa desde jardim-de-infância até à faculdade. 1º ciclo, 2ºciclo, 3ºciclo, secundário. Localizado em Palmela, Lisboa

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Rankings - St. Peter’s International School – National TOP 10
February 8, 2018
Rankings - St. Peter’s International School – National TOP 10

As in previous years, St. Peter's International School reached a relevant position in the Secondary School National League Tables, as published by the newspaper Expresso.

This year our students achieved an average of 14.47 points, which places the school in the 6th place in the league tables, among the 522 schools that carried out more than 100 exams, considering as premise the results of internal students who carried out examinations in the 8 subjects with the most candidates at a national level.


In Jornal do Público, the positions reached by each subject at national level were highlighted. In the Top 10 are the subjects History A and Physics and Chemistry A in 4th place; Philosophy in 5th place and Mathematics A in 8th place.

Jornal Sol, for a further consecutive year, highlights the schools that have the least influence on secondary school averages, once again highlighting St. Peter's International School, which rises from the 6th to the 5th position, as a school that least inflates the averages in the country. In this way, the quality of the work carried out daily by the entire educational community continues to be tested, ensuring that the students’ internal results are the consequence of a competent and rigorous work ethic, that is as close as possible to the external assessment, in order to guarantee access to the best universities in the country and abroad.

In regards to Middle School, the average obtained by the 9th grade students in their final exams was 78.10%, according to information provided by Jornal Sol. As a result, the school reached 12th place in the national league tables of schools with more than 100 tests.

 Imagem relacionadaAccording to the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO), in the International Curriculum IB - Diploma Programme, the average achieved by the students at our school was higher than the world average, 32 points (on the scale of 0-45). We highlight that results of 7 points (on a scale of 1-7), equivalent to 20 points in the national system, were reached in the subjects of English B, Portuguese A and Mathematics SL.

Once again the school is proud of the results achieved in the different academic levels and curricula offered at St. Peter’s International School, which illustrate the quality and solidity of our teaching method in the different teaching levels.