Youth Parliament - School Session - Gender Equality

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Youth Parliament - School Session - Gender Equality
January 31, 2018
Youth Parliament - School Session - Gender Equality
A new school year, a new session of 'Secondary Youth Parliament' at St. Peter's International School, an initiative sponsored by the Portuguese Institute of Sports and Youth (IPDJ).
On 11th January, in an atmosphere full of ambition, selflessness, hard work and constructiveness, our Secondary School students presented the School Session in order to discuss with other students / deputies, this year's theme: 'Gender Equality'.
The event opened with the participation of the Member of Parliament, Ivan Gonçalves, of the Socialist Party, who kindly accepted the school’s invitation in order to give a presentation on 'The participation of the Members of Parliament in the Republic Assembly.'
The activity was very engaging, and we highlight the performance of our Members of Youth Parliament for their remarkable consistency of speech, perseverance, integrity, capacity for mutual help, cordiality and respect in the pursuit of the 'Youth Parliament' project.

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