Classical Culture Oplympics

Classical Culture Oplympics: Students awarded for the third consecutive year

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Classical Culture Oplympics
June 30, 2020
Classical Culture Oplympics
St. Peter´s International School participated once again in the 3rd edition of the Classic Culture Olympics, developed in partnership with the Ministry of Education, through the National Library Network, and the Center for Classical Studies of the Faculty of Letters of the University of Lisbon. For the third consecutive year, students from St. Peter´s International School were awarded, standing out in the first places on the podium. This year, the winners were: 12th grade student, Sofia Nascimento, 3rd place in the Written Test, category C - Secondary Education, in which she successfully completed an exam on content related to Culture and Classical Mythology. Carolina Correia, Frederico Machado and Raquel Viana won 1st Place, ex aequo, in the Arts Challenge, more specifically, the Drawing Competition, Category B - Middle School. 

Congratulations to these students and all the teachers involved for their extraordinary work, commitment and dedication.

- Carolina Correia - 9.ºB

- Frederico Machado 9.º A

- Raquel Viana 9.º A