St. Peter's International School Students Admissions to University

This year, 67 young men and women were placed in higher education...

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St. Peter's International School Students Admissions to University
October 14, 2019
St. Peter
This year, 67 young men and women were placed in higher education, from the Portuguese Curriculum, distributed over 37 teaching establishments in Portugal and abroad. Some chose to through the national application platform to enter higher education, whilst others submitted their application to universities in England, Sheffield - Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science, Conventry University - Illustration and Animation; Northumbria University, Newcastle - Automotive Engineering.

Below is the percentage of intakes per course.

Of the 45% of students studying Science and Technology, approximately 63% entered Engineering courses, with ten students choosing Instituto Superior Técnico and seven the Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Students’ options continue to show a preference for the areas of Computer Engineering - Information Technology and Computing, Electrotechnology and Computing and Physics and Technology, one of the highest averages in the country, where the last candidate to be placed in the 1st phase had 18.88 points.
Still in the area of Science and Technology, 27% of the candidates entered the area of health sciences, of which six students joined the Medical School - five in Portugal, and one in Barcelona.

In the area of the Socioeconomic Sciences, 56% of students entered Management and 31% Economics. Applied Mathematics for Economics and Management was also a chosen area of study for our students, averaging over 18.4 points. The Universidade Nova de Lisboa, the Universidade Católica Portuguesa and ISCTE continue to be the institutions most chosen by our students. Although most have joined the Nova School of Business & Economics, some have opted for the Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics, national degree and international degree, having gained the TOP + Católica Scholarship, due to the points average achieved in secondary education.

Law was the most popular course for our Languages and Humanities students, followed by International Relations and Communication in the cities of Porto and Lisbon.

With regard to the area of Visual Arts, our students have entered various areas of Design as well as the Architecture course at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Faculty of Architecture and ISCTE.

Regarding the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, students are currently distributed in several higher education courses in different countries. 55% of students opted to pursue their further education in Portugal, with entry to courses in various fields, including Management, Law, Mechanical Engineering and Environmental Engineering, Modern and Contemporary History and Applied Foreign Languages and Flight School. The most sought-after univerisities in Portugal are the Universidade Católica de Lisboa, ISCTE, University of Coimbra and the course administered in English language at the European University.

The remaining 45% of IB students chose to study abroad, most of whom are currently in the UK, more specifically at the University of Exeter, the University of Loughborough, Cardiff University and the University of Leicester. We also have St. Peter's International School alumni in Germany at Technische Universität München, and in the Netherlands at Universiteit Leiden. The courses chosen are also from various branches, including Computer Science, Psychology, International Relations and Politics, Physics, Business and Management, and Journalism and Communication.

We are certain that our students will see this new stage as yet another challenge and will once prove to be able to surpass it. The St. Peter's International School team wishes all of them much success.