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The value of an education at St. Peter’s International School has gained national and international recognition...

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St. Peter's International School - Inspired Schools
August 23, 2019
St. Peter
The value of an education at St. Peter’s International School has gained national and international recognition over the last twenty-six years, both through our place in the national rankings and through our results in external examinations, in both curricula.

Our humble work, in a small village near Palmela, has attracted the attention of a global group of premium schools, the Inspired family of international schools. We are confident that a partnership with Inspired will enhance the educational project that we have already started twenty-six years ago. This partnership will allow both partners to support each other equally in their common goals, creating new opportunities for our learners and for the development of all members of this, now, global community.

Inspired ( is a leading group of premium schools in the UK, Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America, with 53 schools worldwide and a large extended international family of over 40,000 students. Each school, while rooted in its community, forms part of a global network, providing regular opportunities for the exchange of ideas and best practice, and of pupils and their teachers. This is precisely the sort of 21st century education that will be of such an advantage in tomorrow's world, and from which we are certain the pupils and teachers will derive great benefit.

Uniquely among international school groups, the group is led by experienced and well-qualified top educationalists; and they are also all well-versed in all major school qualifications. Inspired’s Founder, Chairman and CEO is Nadim M. Nsouli, who has led the growth and strategic direction of the group since inception. Inspired’s President is Graeme Crawford, a renowned educator, who has started over 14 schools in the past 20 years; the Group Education Director is Dr. Stephen Spurr who led Westminster School for 10 years (the #1 ranked academic school in the UK with many international links) supported by the Education Director Europe, Clarissa Farr, who ran St. Paul’s Girls School in the UK for 11 years. The European CEO is Dr. Marc Ledermann, who has extensive global operational expertise in primary, secondary and higher education. St. Peter’s International School will continue to be led, as it has for the past 27 years, by the Simão family, and now with the support of Inspired.