Volleyball - 'Initiates' show their strength!

The first day of the Volleyball School Sports for the female Initiates.

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Volleyball - 'Initiates' show their strength!
February 23, 2019
Volleyball -
The first day of the Local Phase of the Volleyball School Sports tournament was held last Saturday, 23rd February, for the female Initiates. In this tournament, which took place in the pavilion of the Escola Secundária du Bocage, in Setúbal, our students had to show all their determination and quality to win both games.

After a 3-0 win in the first game, the second game started with 1 loss in the first set. It was followed by a very contested and exciting 2nd set that ended favourably for our 'colours' with a minimum margin (25-23). In the final set, our players showed more confidence and did not hesitate, having defeated the opposing team by 15-7.

Congratulations to our players, for the teamwork, resilience and ability to overcome all the challenges that they faced!