Trip to the National Palace of Queluz

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Trip to the National Palace of Queluz
October 17, 2018
As part of the annual activity plan for the subjects History and Geography of Portugal, History A, History B and Art History and Culture, on 9th October, the Department of Social Sciences organised a trip to the National Palace of Queluz. Students from Grade 6 together with students from the Languages and Humanities and Visual Arts courses of the 11th Grade and Socioeconomic Sciences from Grade 10 participated in the activity.
During the outing, pupils took part in two interactive guided tours of the Palace and attended a theatrical performance about daily life in the absolutist period.

The aims of this trip were to:

- see elements from past ages;
- visit important monuments in Portuguese history;
- raise awareness about the importance of preserving national heritage;
- experience the daily life of the Portuguese absolutist court;
- see baroque and rococo styles;
- provide educational experiences within curricular programs.