Games with Santiago

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Games with Santiago
June 7, 2018
Games with Santiago
The 4C-PBL class went to the Municipal Library of Pinhal Novo today to participate in the Games with Santiago, in representation of St. Peter's International School.

Throughout this term, the students conducted in-depth research on the Order of Santiago and how it was based in Palmela. Students researched the symbols that distinguished the Spatarius, knights of this order, such as the scallop shell and the cruciferous sword, the rights and obligations of the knights, their way of life, all of ehich was then used in the elaboration of projects. And so, the Castels of Knowledge Project came into being and was carried out in this space. The contents include text production, the calculation of areas and volumes and investigating the way of life of the population in the 12th century.
In order to test their knowledge, students also participated in a quiz, using the Plickers application, showing their extensive knowledge of this topic.

The exhibition at the Municipal Library of Pinhal Novo, as well as the Book Fair and numerous other activities promoting literacy, are part of the Popular Festival of Pinhal Novo which can be visited until 12th June, midnight.

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