Visit to the Caravel Vera Cruz

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Visit to the Caravel Vera Cruz
May 24, 2018
Visit to  the Caravel Vera Cruz

As part of its Annual Activity Plan, the fourth grade students visited the Caravel Vera Cruz.

The caravel was a craft invented and used by the Portuguese during the period of the Discoveries in the 15th and 16th centuries. The Caravel Vera Cruz is an exact replica of the old Portuguese caravels and was built in the year 2000 in the naval yard of Vila do Conde, as part of the celebrations of the 500 years anniversary of the Discovery of Brazil.

The students 'travelled' in time on board this caravel, hearing a fairly complete account of the difficult living conditions on board. For about an hour they were Portuguese navigators, breaking the waves of the high seas towards the unknown.

After the visit, there was still time to have lunch and play in the Jardins de Belém.

An unforgettable day travelling back to the great achievements of the Portuguese people.

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