14th National Mathematical Games Championship

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14th National Mathematical Games Championship
March 29, 2018
14th National Mathematical Games Championship

It was with great pride and satisfaction that, last Friday, 16th March, we accompanied our students João Francisco, Sofia Nabais, Sofia Nogueira, Isaac Marques, Tomás Gouveia and Miguel Xu to the 14th National Mathematical Games Championship, which took place at the Externato Penafirme, in Torres Vedras.

Nearly 2,000 students from 435 schools competed in the tournament sponsored by the Ludus Association, the Mathematics Teachers Association, the Portuguese Mathematics Society and Live Science.

After a first round sponsored by the Mathematics Club, our students were able to represent the college in the following games:

  • Traffic Lights (Primary School): João Francisco;
  • Cats and Dogs (Junior School): Sofia Nabais;
  • Trails (Junior School): Sofia Nogueira;
  • Product (Middle School): Isaac Marques;
  • Go (Middle School): Tomás Gouveia;
  • Trails (Middle School): Miguel Xu.

Our students have been invited to take part in the Regional Championships on 13th April in Setúbal.

Good luck!

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