St. Peter's International School

O Colégio St. Peter´s School assenta numa formação educativa desde jardim-de-infância até à faculdade. 1º ciclo, 2ºciclo, 3ºciclo, secundário. Localizado em Palmela, Lisboa

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Virtual Tour
Visit to the University of Coimbra – Secondary School
Trip to the different faculties of the University of Coimbra, the oldest university in Portugal and one of the oldest in the world.
NOV 9, 2018
Día de la Hispanidad
On the week of 8th to 12th October 8, we celebrated Día de la Hispanidad
NOV 8, 2018
37th Portuguese Mathematics Olympics – 1st Round
On 7th November, 2018 the first round of the 37th Portuguese Mathematical Olympics (OPM) was held.
NOV 7, 2018
On 6th November, St. Peter's International School students attended the Web Summit 2018 in Altice Arena
NOV 6, 2018
THE GROUND SHAKES is an activity organised annually by the National Civil Protection Authority.
NOV 5, 2018
School Trip to Palmela
As part of our annual project – Palmela, my county, Grade 3 students went on an adventure on the streets of Palmela.
OCT 29, 2018
Trip to the Natural History Museum and Botanical Gardens
On 26th October, Grade 1 students went on their first school trip as part of the programme for the Mathematics and Social Studies subjects.
OCT 26, 2018
Mathematics Club
On 12th October the first activity of the Mathematics Club took place
OCT 23, 2018
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