St. Peter's International School

O Colégio St. Peter´s School assenta numa formação educativa desde jardim-de-infância até à faculdade. 1º ciclo, 2ºciclo, 3ºciclo, secundário. Localizado em Palmela, Lisboa

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Virtual Tour
Model United Nations – Reflection
Students from IB1 and IB2 attended the Iberian Model United Nations Conference
DEC 11, 2018
Sports Newsletter
Sports Newsletter
NOV 29, 2018
Fado and the Ports of Athens
The 7th grade students had the opportunity to participate in the presentation, 'Fado and the Ports of Athens - The influence of traditional Greek music in Fado'
NOV 27, 2018
Alice on Ice
On 26th November, Primary School students went to Alfragide to watch the musical 'Alice On Ice'.
NOV 26, 2018
St. Peter’s International School – 25th Anniversary
St. Peter's International School, in Pamela, marked the commemoration of its 25th Anniversary on 28th September.
NOV 19, 2018
Maths Club | Tangram
On 16th November, another activity was organized by the Maths Club in the Isabel Simão Library & Resource Centre, which involved working with Tangram pieces.
NOV 16, 2018
Visit to the University of Coimbra – Secondary School
Trip to the different faculties of the University of Coimbra, the oldest university in Portugal and one of the oldest in the world.
NOV 9, 2018
Día de la Hispanidad
On the week of 8th to 12th October 8, we celebrated Día de la Hispanidad
NOV 8, 2018
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