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End of the Mission to Guinea
Solidarity is not only sharing, it is also about creating bonds.
JAN 22, 2020
Sahara Desert Challenge - Guiné
Solidarity is not only about sharing, it is also about creating bonds.
JAN 13, 2020
Primary School Assembly
Primary School Assembly about Road Safety
JAN 10, 2020
Judo - Francisco Santos Achieves 1st Dan
Francisco Santos (12ºA), underwent the graduation exam for 1st Dan (black belt
JAN 10, 2020
38th Portuguese Mathematics Olympics – 1st Round
For another consecutive year, St. Peter's International School participated in the first round of the 38th Portuguese Mathematical Olympics (OPM).
NOV 22, 2019
'Symmetries for Pencils'
Last October the Mathematics Club held another activity called 'Symmetries for Pencils'.
NOV 13, 2019
Presentation of Catarina Furtado’s New Book
Presentation of Catarina Furtado’s New Book, “Adolescer é fácil, #só que não”...
NOV 11, 2019
Financial Literacy Roadshow
On Thursday, 17 October, Socioeconomic Sciences students from grades 11 and 12 took part in the Financial Literacy Roadshow program...
NOV 11, 2019
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