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In order to contribute to the build-up of multilateral skills, which are currently an important tool for the demands of the globalized world, all students who attend middle school start learning the German language in the 7th grade, setting it, in the Curriculum structure as the Foreign Language II. In our view, learning the German language has contributed to the shaping of our own identity as a global citizen in relation to others, based on attitudes and values such as respect for others and, within the specific framework of the German language, for its culture as well as for other world cultures, encouraging responsibility and cooperation between individuals and people with collective and individual repercussions.


Through the partnership between the Goethe Institut and St. Peter’s International School, we offer our students a further opportunity to acquire and consolidate fundamental knowledge through the achievement of a German language certification at levels A1 and A2, which could be of great use in their academic and professional future, as it provides globally credited proof of knowledge and proficiency in this foreign language, regardless of the ministerial curriculum and school grades. In addition to the German language lessons included in the curriculum, students can also attend extracurricular classes to prepare for the German Language Examinations and have their language skills certified and acknowledged internationally.

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