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The streaming method integrates our students into a group that allows them to optimize their progression in language learning according to their level of linguistic proficiency. Streaming does not mean identifying and grouping students according to their cognitive ability. It is about grouping students with similar language needs in order to enhance their learning.

In order to achieve this goal, students with different levels of language competence consequently have different requirements with regard to the learning environment. In addition, students have a faster and more consistent progression in their language skills in classes with an approximately homogeneous level. This will enable teachers to ensure that students have the opportunity to progress in their learning as required. In practical terms, the teacher can focus on a number of factors which may be appropriate to the specific needs of the class, such as the essential learning for each level; the complexity of the language used in classroom instruction and the various materials to be used; the appropriateness of the language level of the materials used in the classroom; the way in which feedback is given to students on their progress; criteria and assessment tools specifically designed to reflect students’ progress in their learning according to international frameworks as far as language learning is concerned.

The groups are formed according to the following criteria:

  • The level of Cambridge certification exam taken by the student and its result;
  • The level of linguistic progression of the student and his/her more specific needs;
  • Students without certification or who have not taken a certification in the last two years, and students who have recently enrolled in school, will take a diagnostic test (Oxford Placement Test), in conjunction with an assessment of oral competence;
  • Preparing students for their University of Cambridge certifications with higher quality, focusing on specific skills for each level.

Lessons are held in simultaneous teaching periods to enable students to progress to a higher level if this situation is justified. However, it should be noted that students attending classes at a certain level may not take the certification exam that same year, i.e. students who do not show sufficient progression to take the exam successfully will take their certification exam the following school year. In this way, we guarantee an increase in student success in these exams, as well as more consistent results.

English Literature and Performance is seen in Middle school as a fundamental area of study, not only in the linguistic sense, but also as a means of experiencing Anglo-Saxon culture. For this purpose, students study the great classics of English Literature, as well as enjoy the work of contemporary writers. They analyse characters, carry out discussions, stage representations and reinvent giving rise to artistic expression of a humanistic nature.





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