Child Psychology Department

The Child Psychology Department, made up of a multidisciplinary team, works together with the other Departments at St. Peter’s International School, with a view to optimizing resources and promoting the well-being of the educational community. In this way, working in partnership with the educational community, new ways of comprehending reality are developed, which will allow each child to reach his/her full potential.
Its main areas of intervention include assessments that characterize intellectual, neuropsychological, behavioral, emotional and pedagogical aspects; give emotional support in the face of situations that significantly interfere with the student’s academic performance and personal well-being, recommending external assistance whenever clinical and/or psychotherapeutic intervention is considered beneficial; give specialized pedagogical support in the face of specific learning problems, promoting equity in favor of discrimination regarding access to the curriculum; give pedagogical support to teachers, parents and guardians, in educational activities, with a view to achieving academic success and the adequacy of educational responses; implement structured programs in response to specific needs (in groups or individually).

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