Cambridge education - IGSE

Course Content
and Organisation

St. Peter’s International School offers the IGCSE Programme in Years 9 and 10. During the 2-year course students have the opportunity to study 8 subjects, which will include the core compulsory ones: First Language, one Second Language, Mathematics, one subject from the Natural Sciences area and Physical Education. Each subject will follow the Cambridge Assessment International Education recommended guided time of 130 teaching hours over the two years of the programme.

The subjects currently offered at St. Peter’s International School are:

  • Portuguese (Mother tongue)
  • Portuguese (Foreign Language)
  • English (Mother tongue)
  • English (Foreign Language)
  • Spanish (Foreign Language)
  • Mandarin (Foreign Language)
  • Environmental Management
  • Management Models
  • Economy
  • History
  • Applications
  • IT
  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Sciences
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Art and Design
  • Physical Education
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