2017 - Sleeping at St. Peter's School

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2017 - Sleeping at St. Peter's School
September 29, 2017
2017 - Sleeping at St. Peter
As previously announced at the parents’ meetings at the beginning of the school year, on 29th and 30th September we will be holding our annual event Sleeping at St. Peter’s.

We are certain that a close relationship between teachers and students based on mutual respect has a key role in creating a positive learning environment. As such, we invite your child to participate in this event as we know that this will be a great time of sharing and making new friends.

This year we will also be commemorating world heart day on 29th September. As such, we ask you to attend a conference regarding the theme “Small changes can make a powerful difference”, which will take place at 5pm 

Children from the Pink Room in Kindergarten and all year groups from Primary, Junior, Middle and Secondary School may sign up for this activity by using the enrolment form available on the school’s internet portal.

The coordinators and organisers of this event have prepared an activity programme which will undoubtedly surpass the students’ expectations.