Dia Mundial do Teatro - 1º Ciclo

Primary School students watched the play 'The Sound of Colours'

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Dia Mundial do Teatro - 1º Ciclo
March 28, 2019
Dia Mundial do Teatro - 1º Ciclo
27th March is World Theatre Day. This morning, the Primary School students watched the  play 'The Sound of Colours', based on the work of Paula Teixeira, in the school auditorium. 11 mini-actors (aged 6 to 10) told the story of Joana, a blind girl who had a dream: to see the rainbow. Her friends, the sound of each colour, were released, showing that with friendship everything is possible, including all dreams and today we shared ours. The audience used some gestures from Portuguese Sign Language in this interactive and inclusive initiative, and this way it made sense to everyone. Theatre is for everyone and today we all feel the same. Long live the Theatre!