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National Exams
Newsletter (6510.DP.2019) (PDF)
Information regarding registration for the national exams: documents, location, deadlines and costs.

General Examinations Guide 2019
Model and instructions to completing the Secondary School exam registration form - 1st Phase (Mod. 0133) (

National exams calendars for each phase.

Key Dates
Key dates of all important procedures regarding the national exams.

Information about the Exams / Content
Information about the national exam for each subject: weightage, structure, duration, necessary material.

Authorised material

Use of Calculators in Middle and Secondary Education: 9th grade Mathematics -; Final National Exams of Economics A, Physics and Chemistry A, Mathematics A, Mathematics B and Mathematics Applied to Social Sciences in 2017-2018
Basic list of calculators that can be used in the National Final Examinations of Mathematics A, Mathematics B and Mathematics Applied to Social Sciences - 2017/2018
New Syllabi for Physics and Chemistry A and Mathematics A

Exam Preparation Calendar

1st Phase

11º A - CT

11º A, B - AV12º A, B - LH

11º C - CT

12º A - CT12º A – AV

11º B - CSE

12º B - CT & CSE--
11º C - LH12º C - CT & CSE--

2nd Phase
11º A, C – CT11º A, B – AV12º A, B - LH
11º B – CSE12º A, B, C – CT12º A – AV
11º C - LH12º A, B, C - CSE--


General Guide for the National Exams (PDF).
Regulation from the Júri Nacional de Exames (PDF).


Exam dates
18th – 29th June
18th – 26th July
Publication of results
12th June
3rd August
Publication of results after remarking
10th August
24th August

Exam Specifications (comining soon)