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Looking for Secondary Education for your child? Our school is a leader in the field and prizes academic rigour and excellence. We believe secondary education is the first step on the path to higher education. Get to know our schol and our facilities. We are located in Palmela, close to Lisbon!

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National Exams
Newsletter (5814.DP.18) (PDF)
Information regarding registration for the national exams: documents, location, deadlines and costs.

General Examinations Guide 2018
Model and instructions to completing the Secondary School exam registration form - 1st Phase (Mod. 0133) (

National exams calendars for each phase.

Key Dates
Key dates of all important procedures regarding the national exams.

Information about the Exams / Content
Information about the national exam for each subject: weightage, structure, duration, necessary material.

Authorised material

Use of Calculators in Middle and Secondary Education: 9th grade Mathematics -; Final National Exams of Economics A, Physics and Chemistry A, Mathematics A, Mathematics B and Mathematics Applied to Social Sciences in 2017-2018
Basic list of calculators that can be used in the National Final Examinations of Mathematics A, Mathematics B and Mathematics Applied to Social Sciences - 2017/2018
New Syllabi for Physics and Chemistry A and Mathematics A

Exam Preparation Calendar

1st Phase

11º A - CT

11º A, B - AV12º A, B - LH

11º C - CT

12º A - CT12º A – AV

11º B - CSE

12º B - CT & CSE--
11º C - LH12º C - CT & CSE--

2nd Phase
11º A, C – CT11º A, B – AV12º A, B - LH
11º B – CSE12º A, B, C – CT12º A – AV
11º C - LH12º A, B, C - CSE--


General Guide for the National Exams (PDF).
Regulation from the Júri Nacional de Exames (PDF).


Exam dates
18th – 29th June
18th – 26th July
Publication of results
12th June
3rd August
Publication of results after remarking
10th August
24th August

Exam Specifications (comining soon)