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Looking for Secondary Education for your child? Our school is a leader in the field and prizes academic rigour and excellence. We believe secondary education is the first step on the path to higher education. Get to know our schol and our facilities. We are located in Palmela, close to Lisbon!

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Entry into Higher Education
Pre-Requisites 2018

Information about the registration to carry out prerequisites, necessary for the application to certain higher education courses.

Pre-requisites: physical, functional or vocational nature that are particularly relevant for access to certain higher education courses.

Pre-requisites by group, forms of evidence.

Calendar of procedures

Entrance Examinations Guide 2018 – Public Higher Education

Entrance exams - public higher education university; polytechnic higher education and public military and police higher education

Entrance exams - private higher education; private polytechnic higher education

Applications to Higher Education 2018

Request for online access codes – Instructions
nstructions for requesting the password, required for applying to higher education

Consulting Request for Password
Through this page you can check the status of your Password Request for access to the Online Application System.

Important Sites

Information about the application process to public higher education in Portugal: calendar, online application, entrance examinations, index of courses, contingencies ...

Information on access to higher education: courses, institutions, entrance exams, averages, ...

List of courses, calculation of average, training, clarification of doubts

Information about the schedule of procedures for pre-requisites 2018