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According to the list published on Saturday, December 12th, in the newspaper Expresso, St. Peter's International School reached the 5th place with an average of 14.35 points, among the 625 schools with secondary education, more 100 exams.

Thus, for yet another consecutive year, St. Peter's International School achieved the best average of exams in the district of Setúbal and the south of Portugal. This result is also confirmed by the analysis carried out by the newspaper Público.

According to the website BESP - Benchmarking of Portuguese Secondary Schools, a platform support to schools in which statistics are based on public data, analysed the top positions of the league tables with more than 5 examinations at national level. The subjects are summarized below.

Below is the progression of positions obtained in the league tables, according to the Source SIC / Expresso over the past five years.

With regard to Junior and Middle School, the averages are around level four in the different levels, according to information provided by the newspaper Público. We should emphasis the rise in the ranking of the 9th grade, the position achieved in Mathematics in grade 6: 11th place in 1163 national schools; and Portuguese in the 9th grade: 13th national place in 1225 schools.

The school has worked to aspire to excellence, aiming always to maintain rigor and a high standard that we believe to be the formula for success. As can be seen by analysing the position reached by the various educational institutions at different levels of education, our school certainly stands out at a national level

In 2015, for another consecutive year, the team of teachers, who have continually supported their students and who are committed to helping them reach their fullest potential and success, achieved this goal.

We give our sincere congratulations to students and families who have always been committed to working with us throughout the learning process! It is primarily for them that this project continues to strive to always reach the highest standard in education!