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Grade 11

Honor Awards

Ângelo Pinheiro (average points 18,6)
Diana Fernandes (average points 17,6)
Gonçalo Silva (average points 17,7);
Illya Didenko (average points 19,6);
Jéssica Rodrigues (average points 18,7)
Joana Dias (average points 17,8)
Margarida Martins (average points 18,1)
Miguel Trinca (average points 18,1);
Teresa Bernardino (average points 18,0);
Tomás Fachada (average points 18,1);
Vasco Palhota (average points 17,6)

Merit Awards

Merit Awards for Achievement

- Pedro Bollinger (average points 17,4) 
- Francisco Alves (average points 17,4)

Merit Award for National Exams

- Illya Didenko - average points in the two national exams carried out 19,7
- Jéssica Rodrigues - average points in the two national exams carried out 19,4 
- Margarida Martins - average points in the two national exams carried out 19,1

Merit Awards for Projects

Pangea Maths Competition - national final 
- Illya Didenko - 1st at school level - 2nd place at national level
- Ângelo Bumanglag - 2nd at school level - 3rd place at national level
- Diana Fernandes - 3rd at school level - 5th place at national level
- Miguel Trinca - 4th at school level - 7th place at national level
- Teresa Bernardino - 5th at school level - 8th place at national level

Maths Kangaroo Without Frontiers - National Championships Junior Category - 2752 participants
- Tomás Fachada - 3rd place at school level - 184th place at national level 

Biology Olympics
- Tomás Fachada - 2nd round, 2nd place at school level 

Interschools Chess Tournament- junior category
- Miguel Trinca  - 2nd place districts teams

Youth Parliament - district representative
- Diogo Neves 

Merit Award for Languages

- Alexander Morozov - Progress made in acquiring the Portuguese language and culture, with positive achievement in the national exams