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Looking for Secondary Education for your child? Our school is a leader in the field and prizes academic rigour and excellence. We believe secondary education is the first step on the path to higher education. Get to know our schol and our facilities. We are located in Palmela, close to Lisbon!

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Curricular Provision
The syllabus adopted by St. Peter's Internacional School is centred on the Sciences and Humanities courses. These areas of study which include grades 10, 11 and 12, aim to guarantee progress into Higher Education, be it at a university or polytechnic. At the end of these three years, students receive a diploma certifying the completion of their Secondary School Education.

The organisation of the various courses offered in the Sciences and Humanities include:
  • A general component present in all the areas of study, which aims to develop the student's personal, social and cultural identity, with the subjects Portuguese, Modern Language I - English, Philosophy and Physical Education, all of which are compulsory;
  • A specific component which aims to provide a more explicit education in the chosen field of study, which includes a compulsory three-year subject and two biannual subjects chosen by the student in accordance with his/her academic preferences.

The general subjects are compulsory and common to all areas of study. The courses differ in the optional subjects, which incorporate the specific component.