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General Principles
In order to offer our students an education of the highest standard, we have developed our Secondary School level with the same criteria and thoroughness which is present in all the academic levels of the school. At this stage of our students' education, we aim for a standard of excellence which will guarantee entry into Higher Education, in courses for which our students feel a true vocation, at the teaching establishments they aspire to attend.

With progression into Higher Education in mind, our Secondary School aims to further our students' knowledge of the areas of study which they have shown most aptitude for throughout the lower levels of study. As such, pupils at St. Peter's Internacional School are taught by stable and commited staff, who value continuity and a systematic work ethic, thus allowing our pupils to acquire the necessary skills and course content of the various subjects.In an environment which commends personal values, intellectual responsibility and the assimilation of fundamental principles that contribute to an active sense of citizenship, the effective participation of all our students in their school career is always encouraged. For this, we provide our pupils with numerous opportunities that enable them to reach both their academic and professional objectives. St. Peter's Internacional School has developed a syllabus for the academically and culturally ambitious student, who is offered an interdisciplinary approach to the acquisition of knowledge. Rather than simply being content with a more compartmentalized education, we aim to satisfy all our students' needs, whether their ambitions lie at a national or international level. To this end, our students are also closely guided and supported when applying to universities or other teaching establishments abroad.

Our pupils follow an academic syllabus that allows them to reach the highest standards, with a wider range of curricular programmes, more teaching time per subject, a myriad of research and experimental activities, as well as the many events and extracurricular projects we have to offer.

The emphasis the school also gives to the acquisition and development of the highest levels of fluency in both the English and Spanish languages, with further progression of linguistic skills, is also guaranteed. Our pupils are all encouraged to certify their knowledge of these languages with examinations administered by the British Council, Cervantes Institute and Goethe-Institut.

With this in mind, the school offers preparation classes for the various levels of these exams, allowing our students to attend these sessions in order to then undergo the various examinations without having to actually go to the aforementioned language institutes.

The school also continues to invest in our students' knowledge of information technology and computing (link), with the internationally recognized certification ECDL Portugal (European Computer Driving Licence). This diploma certifies the students' skills in Information Technology and Communication, orientated for the job market, proving that the student has the necessary competencies and know-how to efficiently and productively manipulate the main computer applications. Various levels of certification may be obtained, from the basic to the more proficient levels of information technology.

By being integrated in an institution that follows principles that promote the integral education of its students, St. Peter's Internacional School also offers a wide range of extracurricular activities. These aim to encourage artistic development, as well as the practice of sports (link to extracurricular activities). Our pupils have achieved notoriety in their representation of the school in the School Sports circuits and amongst various federations. Our students also benefit from the specialized support and guidance offered by the school's Psychology Department, which is present in many aspects of their academic career.

In accordance with our school's philosophy, specific strategies are developed for each individual student as part of an initiative where each pupil is allocated their own tutor. This scheme aims to enable our pupils to achieve academic success, contributing to an improvement in the quality of the work carried out at this stage of their education. The child's tutor accompanies the student in their learning process, as well as ensuring their personal and social integration in the school community, based on the evaluation and information given by the teachers, parents and Psychology Department.