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English is becoming essential, so in our school the students start learning it at an early age, thanks to bilingual teaching. Get to know our school!

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Cambridge Exams
St. Peter's Internacional School has prepared its students for all levels of the University of Cambridge ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) Exams, from the Young Learners Examinations to the Certificate of Proficiency in English Exam.

As well as being a recognized preparation centre for our students, certified by the British Council, we are also an examination centre for the majority of the Cambridge Exams in the Setúbal region.

Our objective is that all our students certify their level of English, giving them a valuable tool for their future academic and professional careers.

Students at St. Peter's begin taking the Cambridge examinations with the Young Learners Exams in grade 3. These examinations, which are divided into three levels (Starters, Movers and Flyers), provide young students between the ages of 7 and 12, with a gentle introduction to public exams. These tests also act as a motivational stepping stone for future University of Cambridge Examinations. Preparation for these exams is carried out in the classroom from grade 2, starting with the textbooks adopted, to the format and methodology used when teaching the language. This way, our students naturally take the step to undergo the Young Learner's Exams from grade 3 onwards.

The Key English Test (KET) proves that a candidate has a command of the English language that allows them to interact in daily situations of immediate relevance.

The Preliminary English Test (PET) tests students' ability to use both written and oral communication in everyday situations.

This intermediate level exam is an important qualification for those who wish to study or work abroad, as well as being a useful preparation for higher level ESOL exams.

The First Certificate in English (FCE) examination is an Upper Intermediate Level exam, which provides students with the ability to deal confidently with a wide range of spoken and written communicative situations. This examination may be taken by our students in the ninth grade and is the threshold of preparation for future academic success.

During their senior years at St. Peter's Internacional School, our students are given the opportunity to sit the highest levels of the Cambridge Examinations. The Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) enables our pupils to improve their language skills with realistic tasks and apply them in a wide range of contexts and in practical situations. With this certificate, our students will be more than capable of carrying out a higher education degree in English, as the CAE exam is often a requirement for many international universities.

The Certificate of Proficiency in English is the highest level Cambridge ESOL exam. At level C2 of the Council of Europe's Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, the CPE exam is widely recognized as the standard for university entrance and the certification of a near native command of the English language.