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English is becoming essential, so in our school the students start learning it at an early age, thanks to bilingual teaching. Get to know our school!

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Activities and Events
At St. Peter's Internacional School the learning, understanding and usage of the English Language is not limited to the classroom environment. Our pupils are also immersed in activities, celebrations and events typical of the Anglo-Saxon culture. Ranging from celebrations such Halloween and United Nations' Day to sports events such as Rugby and Fencing, we also attend English theatre productions and expose our pupils to as much English as possible. The Primary School Christmas Play is also dedicated to the English Language and every year children act and sing in a grand performance using the English skills they have acquired.

We also take our students abroad with our annual trip to the United Kingdom. During a whole week students visit museums, theatres, monuments and musicals surrounded in the Anglo-Saxon culture, allowing them to further develop their English skills while at the same time having an unforgettable experience they will cherish in years to come. Another unique opportunity given to our pupils is the possibility to attend a Summer Course in English Speaking cities such as London and New York. Here our students live and study for two weeks at a renowned teaching establishment where they constantly practice the English language, giving them an insight into what living in an English speaking city is really like.

We firmly believe that to truly learn a language with the standard and mastery of a near native speaker, our students must have access to the language both inside the classroom and with extra-curricular experiences and events. Therefore, we aim to certify our students with the Cambridge Examinations, as well as give them the necessary knowledge and experience to be able to communicate fluently in the English language. By exposing, promoting and teaching our students the English language from a very early age, we firmly believe that we are contributing to both their intellectual and personal well being, opening doors to innumerous opportunities in a world that is ever more multicultural and yet challenging.