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English is becoming essential, so in our school the students start learning it at an early age, thanks to bilingual teaching. Get to know our school!

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Teaching Method
Students at St. Peter's begin their English education on a daily basis from the very beginning.

At Kindergarten, of the 25 hours taught weekly, 10 of these are dedicated to the English language, where students participate in a series of appealing activities which follow various themes. Story-telling, singing and educational games are just some of the tasks which enable our pupils to apply listening and speaking skills, allowing them to communicate in the English language. The Kindergarten English Department also compiles its own textbooks that meet the specific needs of our syllabus and these are constantly adapted and revised to continue motivating our young pupils in the language.

During their Primary School years, from grades 1 to 4, our students have 7 hours of English per week with classes which are structured so that the four language skills are practiced namely, listening, speaking, reading and writing. Grammatical topics are taught in a variety of ways and written work is produced in accordance with the child's level of English. Fun projects, literature classes, creative writing and oral tasks are also a part of our students' daily approach to the English language.

In this age group, our students also have a number of different subjects that allow them to enhance their English Language skills and develop a true interest in the Anglo-Saxon culture. Social Studies is a weekly subjects in which our students learn cultural, geographical and idiomatic content. Students also address the different cultural aspects of the Anglo-Saxon countries, including the different festivals and historical events. They are also encouraged to discuss and to reflect on the moral values and about their personal conduct as well as discussing topics such as the importance of living together in society.

From grades 5 to 9, in the Lower and Upper Intermediate Levels, the teaching method also focuses on the four language skills, with a simultaneous emphasis on the grammatical component of the language. Students produce a variety of written assignments and participate in class discussions and debates on various topics of the syllabus. During the more regular English classes, the syllabus is orientated with the various Cambridge examinations in mind.

English Literature is also seen as a fundamental area of study, not only linguistically, but also as a means of experiencing the Anglo-Saxon culture. As such, our students from grades 5 to 9 also have English Literature classes in their schedules, where they not only read both modern and classical English literature, but also produce projects and carry out discussions pertaining to the various themes of the stories or plays.

During our students' senior years here at St. Peter's, our Secondary School pupils consolidate their knowledge of the English language and greater emphasis is given to their oral skills. They frequently produce projects which encourage them to use material and multimedia resources in order to improve the standard and interest of the oral presentations that are given to the class. In addition to the English classes in grades 10, 11 and 12, our students are also given the opportunity to attend Exam Preparation Classes for the FCE, CAE and CPE Cambridge examinations. These sessions take place after school and allow students to achieve a more advanced certification of their level of English.

Students who have a level of English that is not to the standard of their classmates have extra help lessons while continuing the regular syllabus. Our teachers are always on hand to answer any queries or provide extra support to all our students, and extra classes are often arranged with students to satisfy their needs.