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The Middle School is a very challenging and demanding stage. In our school, the students develop a bilingual curriculum. Choose the best education!

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Middle School
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Honour and Merit Awards
The aim of the Honour and Merits Awards is to motivate students throughout their school career, encouraging them to develop a positive attitude towards their peers and their school.

The Honour and Merit Awards aim to distinguish students who, throughout the school year, have achieved or developed a high standard of work. These motivate our students to further their learning process and to continue showing a positive attitude towards their school career.

The Merit Award is given to students who show a level of excellence in terms of character and attitude, which may be demonstrated by the student's approach to their school work, or in their achievements and awards in sports or other areas.

The Honour Award is given to students who achieve excellent academic results, who produce course work of the highest standard or who have a remarkable participation in school activities. This award is given to those who not only achieve academic excellence, but who also adopt an exemplary attitude.