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The Middle School is a very challenging and demanding stage. In our school, the students develop a bilingual curriculum. Choose the best education!

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Middle School
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Curricular Provision
St. Peter's Internacional School complies with all the guidelines dictated by the Portuguese Ministry of Education, with official programmes for each subject area. However, in the Lower Intermediate Level, our curricular provision enriches our syllabus and, consequently, the Educational Project of our school.

In this way, our students study in a multicultural environment, where special attention is given to the development of the linguistic skills needed to communicate efficiently in various academic and professional contexts worldwide. With this in mind, St. Peter's Internacional School has a team of teachers who are native speakers of English, Spanish and German, who develop, in various stages, the communicative abilities of their students, focusing on oral and written communication, both inside and outside the classroom.

The English examinations administered by the University of Cambridge, the Spanish exams organized by the Cervantes Institute together with the German exams implemented by the Goethe Institut certify St. Peter's Internacional School students' fluency in these languages in addition to ensuring that we have adopted the most effective strategies in terms of curricular provision.

Throughout the Upper Intermediate Level, our students are proposed to undergo the English Language Examinations (KET, PET and FCE), the Spanish Language exam Diploma de Español Lengua Extrajera (Inicial and Intermediate Levels) as well as the German examination (levels A1 and A2) Goethe-Zertifikat: Fit in Deutsch in accordance with each individual student's personal development in these languages.

In order to guarantee better and more efficient support of our students during this education level, each class is divided into two groups for the subjects Natural Sciences, Physics and Chemistry, Computer Studies and Introduction to Information Technology and Communication. In this way, we are certain that a logical, articulated and direct teaching method is used in all practical lessons, thus giving special importance to teaching with experiments in Natural Sciences and Physics and Chemistry, together with an effective preparation of our pupils for the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) in Computer Studies and Introduction to Information Technology and Communication.