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Honour and Merit Awards
Honour and Merits Awards: Objectives / Criteria

The Honour and Merit Tables aim to provide an incentive for students, allowing the development of a positive attitude towards the institution and should not constitute a form of discrimination.

The Honour and Merit awards intend to distinguish students who throughout Primary School, developed work of an excellent level. They provide an additional incentive to the educational process of the students and to the development of a positive attitudes towards the teaching-learning process in which they are involved.

The Merit Award recognizes students who show excellence in any area of human behaviour, which may take various configurations according to the nature of the student, including obtaining prizes of a sporting nature and others.

The Honour Award recognizes students who have excellent academic results, produce academic work or activities of excellence. Included in these awards are students who, in addition to the excellence of their academic results, also show a global moral conduct of excellence.