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Choose quality teaching for your children. The Primary School offers a bilingual curriculum, encouraging early English proficiency. Read more about it!

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Primary School
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General Principles

At St. Peter's International School, Primary School offers a bilingual syllabus in Portuguese and English and bases its educational activities on the values of academic and moral excellence. We seek to promote language proficiency in English, ensuring a high education and providing students with fully-trained staff. With the development and continuous improvement of the syllabus content and the development of skills and values, our priority and mission are to produce responsible citizens from a humanistic and intellectual standpoint.

The teaching method is based primarily on student activity, assuming that the child is the principal agent of his or her own learning. The teacher’s role is to organize and direct the learning process and ensure a structured and organized work environment, as well as a positive atmosphere in the classroom.

This teaching model also includes Primary School Assemblies, which call for the promotion and development of interpersonal intelligence, enhancing students' concern for the well-being of others. These meetings encourage values such as caring and being responsible in the community, and include concepts such as tolerance, honesty, sharing, equality, respect and cooperation.

Taking into consideration Article 8(2) of the Education Act which states that “the connection between levels follows a gradual and sequential progression, in which each level completes, deepens and enlarges the previous one, thus providing overall unification for this level of teaching”, St. Peter’s International School has created a syllabus focusing on an awareness of the learning process and on the initiation into mathematical thought, known as the Graphomotricity Project. This Project aims to harmoniously make the transition from Kindergarten, in which there is a gradual sequence between the two levels of teaching. New knowledge and new perspectives will be incorporated, thus enhancing interaction, which will stimulate and enrich the learning process.