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St. Peter's International School | Virtual School

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Virtual School
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Virtual School
Education is a living entity which is constantly changing. The challenge that has presented itself this year has shown that, once again, St. Peter’s International School students and faculty are constantly exceeding expectations.
Today's reality is highly focused on electronic tools and the adaptation to this new way of learning and teaching has been a smooth and tranquil transition our educational community.

Motivated and passionate teachers have made it easy to implement an online model. Through Microsoft Teams, where students interact daily with their teachers and follow their class schedule almost entirely, we can safely say that the school is still open and that teaching has not stopped. The classes, the approach, the dedication and the effort we were used to are now just a click away.

One of the main hallmarks of St. Peter's International School is the personalized support and care we provide to all our students and their families. In this new version of the school that we are currently experiencing, we make a point of fulfilling this mission of being close at hand, using all the necessary tools.

From Monday to Friday, in the comfort of their homes, students from all school levels accompany all their subjects with their teachers. They do tasks, projects, dynamic games, clarify their doubts and, above all, continue to learn with the same excellence as always.

We will continue here, online or in person, to grow together and be better together.

Visit us virtually to get to know the home that you may soon share, with a group of students of over 40 nationalities. Because here, we will continue to build the future.