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The IB Programme is a programme taught in English wich prepares students for higher education and professional life. IB in a private school. Find out more!

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The IB Diploma Programme
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Pupils and alumni’s testimonies:

 “The IB Diploma has been one of the best experiences of my life. It has allowed me to keep my options open while indulging in the thought provoking and challenging curriculum.”
Clara Pereira (alumnus) 

 “The IB is perfect for me! It gives me the chance of not only learning about many different areas, but it also motivates me to help others. Overall, it makes you grow as a person.” 
Maria Oliveira (alumnus)

 “The Diploma is for students who have a thirst for knowledge. This thirst is not just for a specific subject or area, but for knowledge in general. It is a demanding course, I will not deny it, yet, if you are inquisitive, this is the right course for you!”
Rodrigo Batalha (alumnus)

“I’m really enjoying the IB! It’s a completely different system that gives us the opportunity to study various areas.”
Nicole Prieto (IB2)

“The IB Diploma is an excellent course! I feel really supported by my teachers!”
Margarida Durão (IB2)