Importancia da escola na sociedade

Importance of school in society – An increasingly decisive role

St. Peter’s Internacional School is well aware of and fully assumes the various aspects that school plays in society, as a civilizing pillar. We understand the school as the richest and most stimulating place of learning in everyone’s life. No other will ever compare to it. Not only in the transmission of knowledge, the school’s

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como manter a saude mental das criancas durante a pandemia

How to maintain children’s mental health during the pandemic

Ignorance fosters insecurity, even more so when there is a situation of social alarm, such as that generated by the global health crisis in which we have been living since the beginning of the year. Just as bad as? the possible Covid-19 contagion are the measures to prevent it, which have imposed, among other restrictions,

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como manter o foco durante os estudos

Time to study: How to stay focused

We start with a curious fact corroborated by a number of studies: the human brain cannot master the art of multitasking; it is formatted to work in sequence, that is, to focus on one subject at a time. So, the first tip on how to master the art of staying focused and being productive in

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